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The Eleventh Hour

This site is under construction and will NOT be updated anytime in the near future. Please visit Thunderline Webzine for all your Christian metal needs!

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This site WILL be an active site for future projects, just not very soon.

*Editors Monthly Picks*

Narnia - Desert Land
This is a great example of what Christian metal is and should be. "Desert Land" is sure to become one of my all-time favorite metal albums! It is that good! The boys in Narnia have never failed to deliver when it comes to classic/power metal with a message and "Desert Land" is no exception. This is by far their best release to date. The guitars are awesome as always, and the drums and production sound full and large. This album contains some of the fastest and some of the slowest songs Narnia has ever done. On the slower tracks they have incorporated a style very similar to that of Ronnie James Dio and older hard rock acts like Rainbow. The faster tracks rival anything put out by Impellitteri and are simply amazing! This is a must have cd!

Purgation - Realm of the Dead
Heavy doom with lots of groove! This cd sounds something like a more modernized version of Solitude Aeturnus. Very good work from this Lousiana based trio. the guitars and drums are tight and the production is very good for an indie release.
Musically this is tough and doomy with a lot of groove. At times they even throw in some classic "thrash" style guitar parts. Vocally I prefer Ronnie's lower/mid range vocals to his higher ones, it gives it a more "doom" tone. Lyrically they tackle some heavy subject matter, (as they did in their first release under the name Purge), dealing with topics as wide ranging as evangelizing the lost to first amendment rights.
The only bad thing about this disc is that it is too short. It is four songs and leaves you wanting more. Definitely worth your time to check this out. On the title track there are some moments where Ronnie (lead vocalist/guitarist) sounds just like Robert Lowe from Solitude Aeturnus. A very welcomed sound in the Christian metal world.
Check out their site on our links page!

Antithesis - Dying for Life
Coming soon!

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